It’s about time…

This blog has been a long time coming.  Second Life is my addiction and my love.  So, why start a blog now?  When there are probably a thousand blogs about SL? Because a girl has to do something when she is bored on SL, right? Of course!

Why Latte Loves?  Because, I, Elsbeth Latte, love all things SL. Don’t you?  What?! You have never heard of Second Life? Click those words and find out more. Join me in the fun!

So, that being said, this blog is about all the things I *love* in SL annnnd, maybe a few things I don’t love so much, but mostly about all things wonderful and fabulous in my virtual home.

Thanks for reading and like and comment and share my posts if you love what I have found.


Elsbeth Latte

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