A Latte Love for…. DFS

The number one passion I have in Second Life is Digital Farm System, aka DFS. It brought me my sisters in SL, Aria and Quiet, and gave me a renewed love for the life we live here in the second dimension.  Ice Dover, the creator of DFS, is always coming out with great new products and ways to keep us farmers/bakers/chefs/gardeners/carpentry/whatever new stuff he comes out with busy and content.


I have been stockpiling items I farm and craft for that moment when I was ready to start selling and/or cooking.  Both events came at the same time.  Recently I set up my stall at the Main Market and baked 5 carrot cakes in a row.  \o/!


The start up is relatively simple and there are a ton of places you can craft your items without purchasing an oven, stove, fridge, etc. (you will learn more about the different items as you learn more about the system) What is great about it is that, while it is addictive (no, seriously *addictive*), it is a quick learn and tons of fun to participate in.  Not only will it keep you busy, it will also lead you to new, amazing friends.  Just follow the group chat and eventually you will get to know some really great people, from the CSRs to the everyday ‘linden’ who is just farming their SL away.


I do my farming on a very quaint farm at iMagination sim.  Krista, the owner, is one of my dearest friends in SL, I have known her for quiet some time. Eons in SL time. I set up a cute little place next to my farm so I could set up an outdoor kitchen and have a place to lie down when exhausted from slaving away tending and watering fields and animals. The Cheeky Pea Boho Glamping Cabin fit perfectly with the feel of the farm. Because every farm to table theme of the iMagination sim would not be complete without a kitchen, I placed the beautiful dust bunny ‘small spaces kitchen’ underneath and added invis oven, invisi stove, invisi freezer and all the rest of my DFS accoutrements.

If you have been bored out of your mind, head on down to the DFS main store and grab your farm gear today!


Elsbeth Latte


Belle Epoque { Back in 1930 } Shoes Pink


Belle Epoque { Ainara } Cape White
Belle Epoque { Ainara } Shorts White


+elua+ Lakia_Red [unrigged]
Maitreya Lara Body
Deetalez Skin and Shape

It’s about time…

This blog has been a long time coming.  Second Life is my addiction and my love.  So, why start a blog now?  When there are probably a thousand blogs about SL? Because a girl has to do something when she is bored on SL, right? Of course!

Why Latte Loves?  Because, I, Elsbeth Latte, love all things SL. Don’t you?  What?! You have never heard of Second Life? Click those words and find out more. Join me in the fun!

So, that being said, this blog is about all the things I *love* in SL annnnd, maybe a few things I don’t love so much, but mostly about all things wonderful and fabulous in my virtual home.

Thanks for reading and like and comment and share my posts if you love what I have found.


Elsbeth Latte